This is what I call a Quickie....made up on the spot 12/08-Tuesday

I try not to get too emotional/ so I/ stay resevered/ experiment in cryogenics/ so I/ stay preserved/ This is coming straight from the top of my X files/ alas I'm grittier than granite textiles/ My name should always be in "perentheses"/ it's kinda like a force field if u tryin' to walk all over me/ u got 2 eyes but u can't see thee/ more lady lumps than leprosy/
I'm the type who, if I could/ TAXIDERMY my ex/ yeah I know u still sittin' perplexed, but I ain't through yet/
I wish luck to all people who think they can take me straight, NO CHASE/ as a woman there are many demonds to face/ but I'm supposed to sit demure/ and simply just endure/ & stay so pretty, so PURE/ FIT THE VISION OF U'RE/
ideas of womanhood/ really tell me what's good?/ under u're rule of thumb/ ooops I'm sorry u say blonde & dumb
Come and witness the sharpest tongue/ I'm the chime when the bells have rung/ loud, so blaring/ like wearing a BURKA & SWEARING/ I'll smack uh nigga ass if he let me/ SHOCK/ like hearing my name, then forgetting/ I wanna finish RT now, but my brain won't let me/ like kissing leading to heavy petting/ I can be a snake that continues shedding/ so many thoughts/ My fellow poets nicknamed me DramaQueen/ who rips hearts at the seam/ so passionate, so serene/ telling stories that are oh so keen/ I could be part of a witches coven/ with the powers to seduce/ only privy to those older than youth/ it's about time I get outta therealtechn9ne booth!!!

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Comment by S.L.A.D.A.N. on January 9, 2009 at 8:52pm
Nice! very nice indeed! that's the shit right there. Check this out!

I put the pencil down, stencil my name/ into your brain, so you always remember the way/ Your existence was plain/ while mine was savage, on another dimension and plain/ Tryna become the best rapper outside of the atmosphere/ To all the the planets and then oh dammit, i'mma reach all the stars out there/ Ride through the white holes, black holes and ride comets/ spinnin in free space, no friction to stop me, so when i finally do I vomit/ And as I'm floatin through the mysterious dark matter it reminds me of me/ Cause I'm dark and mysterious and too far out of your reach/ This psychological wafare, psycho with no care, runnin on low fares/ Just to keep psycho bitches from stare/ From walk, from run/ From cornerin me with a baby that aint mine, with a threat and a gun/ I may seem quiet, silent and shy/ But that don't mean i'm a pushover guy/ All this silence is the way i do/ The enemy can't stop you, if they don't know what you're up to/ I've done coke, shrooms, weed, salvia, and X/ But nothing gets me higher than my present effect/
Comment by Jack Vaulhartz on January 18, 2009 at 9:09pm
word yo.

step into the cypher circle, my words are kinda hurtful, i've got a feeling that i'm gonna try to blind and burn you, but when its time to turn those speakers down peep me with the crown, defeat me now so i can leave town, this is a free round, a freestyle out-and-out, and in a round-about way i'm saying BLAO BLAO, i don't give a shit what you think, when i see a bitch i wink, tryna pull some shit so she'll let me inspect her pink, fuck that, i ain't a player, i dont hunt alot, i rap on and on until i want to stop, rap til something pops, it's an element i'm conscious of... and i dont call women bitches unless they are bitches, but most fucking people on this earth are bitches, regardless...

ahh stupid keystyles. i can't resist them, but i always regret them =P


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