So I looked alot for a good techn9ne wallpaper (more specifically k.o.d) and i found practically nothing. So decided to make my own. So here it is probably the best k.o.d. wallpaper youll find.
Im not taking artistic credit. i just changed and blended alot of stuff to make a high quality desktop wallpaper.
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O btw added *ghostly* pictures in the background of kriz, kutt, lynch hung, and 2 tech images. see if u can find them

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Its pretty dope no doubt
Way tight!!! thanks man!!!
sick as fuck. just made it my background
Yah man. my old desktop was the KOD album cover all strech and skewed. This is 1000x better.Got the background from his myspace then added the cover pictre the the middle
Hell man i was just looking for this last night found a lot of dope wallpapers but not this one thanks man!!!
thanks man hellla tight
wow! i tried to find a wallpaper for kod for awhile. but all the pictures of kod where small-square-and low quality. thanks a ton man..... and who is that to the left of techn9nes name?
Very nice!
the guy to the left of his name is brotha lynch hung. I dont really know much about him besides the fact that he is in a song or 2 in K.O.D. Its a picture of him wearing a mask thing that i got off google
dope!!!! officially all the computers in my school got this picture on it. and its staying that way, we'll change it everyday if someone changes it.
mines better
dude link it. Its pretty hard to find good tech backgrounds

B.L.A.Z.E said:
mines better

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