wut yall think about tech an plies doin sumthin plies is prolly the best after tech

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I think I wouldn't question swallowing my own vomit if they ever collabed.
haha..yeah...idk about PLIES man.
that him twista and trick daddy are gettin on that track he was talkin bout
plies??? plies?? plies?? FUCK THAT dude. with the most respect to u bro plies is a cunt. who next, dj khaled?? haha
lol cant tell if this serious or not. either way its funny as hell ROFLMAO
lol plies and tech no i dont think so
NIGGA, FUCK PLIES! he a lil bitch... like ol boy said "whats next? collabo wit t-pain? LoL!!! haha!!! tech be rappin in a voice box an shit!!! LoL... thats a good one, dude... naw, nigga... not plies... i could see a track wit kanye before plies... LoL...
Actually, Kutt's Bunk Rock Bitch was done with the VoCoder, and it was tight.
piles is a garbage rapper with only a kindergarden education maybe if he actually rapped about shit and had better lyrics him and tech should hook up until then let piles rott away with shitty people like akon
Bussss- it Bay- bee PLIES IS BOO-BOO....LoL,LoL
If plies was on this record it would be a fuckin disaster, Id rather here jim jones over that duece bag
He's the best after Tech... wow, that's a bold statement
Plies is terrible... that's all that need's to be said....
you asked for it...here it goes!!

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