I hope this hasnt been posted before, but my fam just brought me a CD he got called I'm A Monster by Tech N9ne.

Here are the pics from Amazon France

The record label is GL Recordings and not Strange Music. Im guessing this is a bootleg because of the track list and because its not on Strange.

here is the amazon link too


if anyone has any info on it please let me know.

Also i think the track "Days Like This" Feat. 2Pac & Lil Prophet was on a fan made 2Pac remix CD lol

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You got ripped off. That's fake as hell. And that remix was made by a member of this site http://www.therealtechn9ne.com/profile/LilProphet

i didnt pay 4 it at least lol. got it as a gift then looked it up.

crazy that bootlegging even still goes on like this

LOL @ the translated description

"Tech N9ne is a native of Kansas City. He founded the label Strange Music in 1999 and dominates the scene Durty South with Lil Wayne for over 10 years. Since the beginning of his career, Tech N9ne has sold over one million albums being totally independent. His stage name comes from the TEC-9 automatic weapon, making a comparison with the speed of its flow. A talented artist that Rappers snapped it comes to making guest appearances on their albums."

i knew i heard of that remix b4.

lol at that description, def funny shit

The person selling those could get sued.

ya thats what i was thinking, not only could though, but should. they seemed to have stolen tracks from diff artists to make this cd. i called my fam who brought it over 2 me and he said he also bought a Kendrick CD out there that he thinks is a French bootleg too from the same label.

If you were any sort of tech n9ne fan you would know that it's fake. to start with he hasn't used that tech logo in like a decade. He changes it pretty much every album. And if you would of read the tracklist you would know those are all old songs.

that back cover is dope though. tech should have whoever made that do his next album covers and shit.lol

ya  thats why i wrote everything the way i wrote it lol. as i said i didnt purchase it but it was good enough to trick my fam who is a new tech fan. thats how this bootleg company will make so much just by tricking new fans and people who dont know better


^ oh shit....lmfao

LOLOLOL get'em.

Brian 'SCENARIO' Fraser said:


yeah cuz all the songs except the remix with Pac are off his albums its like some made a itunes playlist and are rippin ppl off lol 

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