1. Pretty much everybody listens/hears Christmas music every year

2. This would showcase Krizz's singing

3. Christmas music is timeless

4. It would bring new life to the songs we hear every year

5. The potential upside of this is huge, Christmas albums sell big

6. Even your grandma would love it!

Strange is smart, they listen to their fans and we at therealtechn9ne.com have a powerful voice if we speak up together. If you think this would be a good idea and would like to help make this happen then COSIGN!

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Signed for SURE! Next year this NEEDS TO HAPPEN! Merry Krizzmas (and a KALI new year haha.) yeahh 2nd part doesnt work as good i know lol.

Yeah, this would be legit. It would have to be for next year though. I don't expect Krizz to churn it out in such little time for this year.

i'd love to see this happen, loved what krizz did in the grench

Cosign to the fullest.

Collabs with Nikkiya, Suwandi, and Irv would be amazing.

that'd be dope

im not sure alot of people know he can sing, and he CAN SING. just cheak out Sick Of You if you guys never heard him sing

TK℠ said:

Cosign to the fullest.

Collabs with Nikkiya, Suwandi, and Irv would be amazing.


Cosign..was just thinking about this the other day actually haha

co-sign fa SHO!!! hell yeah an Irv and Krizz xmas song duet would be really something. I know this idea's a stretch, but I've always wanted to hear Krizz on a track with John Legend.


Cosigning this shit!


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